HIPPY aims to build and strengthen families’ connections to and engagement with their local community and to expand their networks and knowledge around local resources. HIPPY recognises the importance of community, belonging and pride as a key influencing factor in improving wellbeing.

HIPPY brings families together in group meetings and at community events to share, learn and celebrate. Over the two years of the program, families build relationships with each other and share their experiences of teaching their child and their child’s journey through school. Group meetings are also an opportunity to learn about other local services that can provide support for HIPPY families.

Out of the families graduating from HIPPY in 2019:

of HIPPY parents felt that HIPPY had helped them connect with their local community
felt that HIPPY helped them learn about more about local organisations


Today we celebrated Queensland Cultural Diversity Week at our parent Group Meeting and invited some PNG Dancers to perform. One of our HIPPY mums helped us to organise the performers. This mum is a volunteer where she teaches a traditional weaving class. We also invited along some local Aboriginal organisations, an Elder of the Aboriginal community and a Kindergarten, all of whom attended. After the performance the families and dancers had their photos taken and the dancers spoke about their traditional dress. The children had culturally-diverse activities to engage in. All attendees enjoyed the morning. After the performance, the dancers then gave our site a lovely traditionally woven and dyed bag and a colourful sarong to show their appreciation for being invited to perform. We gave an Aboriginal painting to the dancers in appreciation of them coming and sharing their beautiful culture with us.

Story from HIPPY Coordinator

Discover the benefits for:


Children develop a love of learning early that is maintained throughout their lives

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Families are empowered and engaged in their children’s learning through building their own confidence, skills, and knowledge

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Training and Employment

HIPPY employs parents as Tutors building capacity through training, goal setting and professional development

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