Benefits for Families

As a parent you will work through weekly or fortnightly packs of play-based, educational activities with your child. You will receive activities from a Home Tutor either:

  • in your home or more suitable place; or 
  • at a Group Meeting with other parents to share experiences and activities.

Throughout the two years, you learn about your child’s learning style and about the importance of your role as your child’s first and most important teacher. HIPPY gives you valuable, focussed one-on-one time with your child. 

In the second year, you receive a parent pack alongside the regular pack of activities. Your Tutor works with you through the packs that explain how children learn; empowering and equipping you with knowledge and confidence to engage and contact schools about your child’s education.

Out of the families graduating from HIPPY in 2017:

of HIPPY parents reported an improvement in the interaction and relationships between them and their child by graduation
of HIPPY parents felt that HIPPY taught them more about how their child learns and grows
of HIPPY parents reported feeling a greater sense of confidence when communicating with staff at their child’s school.


My son and I have had such a wonderful experience being part of the HIPPY program. He’s gained so much confidence. I believe he’s succeeded as well as he has at school due to being a part of HIPPY. It was wonderful to see that the Age 5 program complemented the school curriculum the way it did, so if he didn’t quite grasp the concept the first time, he was given another chance to reinforce the concepts he was learning. My relationship with him has grown over the last two years and we’ve loved spending so much time together. We’ve shared lots of laughs and learnt a lot about each other. He is very proud of his HIPPY work. He was so excited about being in the paper for our Age 5 Graduation that he couldn’t wait to take the article to school to show his teacher and friends. I’m very grateful for HIPPY as it got me back into the workforce after being at home for three years after relocating. HIPPY has not only given me my confidence back but taught me so much about myself as a mum, a teacher and as a person. I have learned some wonderful new skills through being a Home Tutor and met some amazing people from all over our community. I finished my two-year HIPPY journey today and HIPPY has opened so many doors for me. I’m now looking forward to working at the crèche that is operated by the same organisation that provides HIPPY in our community.

Story from a HIPPY parent (December 2015)

Some benefits of HIPPY for families

HIPPY promotes greater levels of family interaction between HIPPY parents and their children by:

  • Supporting families to develop a home environment that that encourages the development of a love of learning, literacy and numeracy skills;
  • Supporting HIPPY parents to be actively involved in the education of their children; and
  • Supporting HIPPY parents to feel confident to apply these skills to other children.  



The Nest action agenda (ARACY) states:

"We need to recognise parents are the first and most important teachers in a child’s life and they have the most significant influence on a child’s learning, development and wellbeing outcomes."

Improving the wellbeing of Australia’s children and youth while growing our GDP by over 7% Second edition, March 2014

Discover the benefits for:


Children develop a love of learning early that is maintained throughout their lives

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Training and Employment

Tutors and parents/carers are engaged in training and employment

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Families are engaged and invested in their local community

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