Training and Employment

Over 400 Tutor positions are offered each year at HIPPY sites across Australia, providing paid employment for some HIPPY parents.

Tutors provide 1:1 support to other HIPPY parents to build their skills and confidence as their child’s first teacher. Some parents who apply to be a Tutor may be going back to work after a gap or might be going to work for the first time.

Entering the job market can be a daunting experience, so HIPPY provides support for parents to make this transition. Tutors are part-time positions where the parent is employed by the local HIPPY provider to work with the Coordinator to deliver the program to HIPPY parents in their community.

Tutors are provided training through activities with a dedicated Coordinator ahead of visiting families. They build knowledge about early childhood education, the theory behind it, and connect with other services in the area. Tutors also gain the opportunity to train or pursue further study such as accredited training or workplace-focussed corporate training.

The Tutor position improves Tutor’s confidence to enter the workforce after doing the Tutor program. HIPPY parents who are not employed as Tutors are also supported to access training and professional development opportunities, and are provided with referrals to employment or training services.

Out of the families that completed HIPPY in 2020

were employed as Tutors while being HIPPY parents
of Tutors agreed that HIPPY improved their job readiness and skills
Tutors reported improved confidence at program’s end


Working as a Tutor makes me feel satisfied and happy. HIPPY provides an opportunity for me to learn how to be my child’s first teacher. HIPPY is a fun program and we are learning so many things. My whole family is involved in learning through HIPPY! I am so happy for having the opportunity to work as a Tutor. I learned how to spend quality time with my child, with other HIPPY parents and even my friends. I have gained lot of confidence because of HIPPY. Thank you, HIPPY!

Story from a HIPPY Tutor

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Children develop a love of learning early that is maintained throughout their lives

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Families are empowered and engaged in their children’s learning through building their own confidence, skills, and knowledge

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HIPPY and their families are engaged in their local community

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